Ever wonder how many babies are conceived on Valentine’s Day? With Feb. 14th being a day all about love, it’s natural to assume that more couples are “celebrating” their love for each other more than any other given day. But does that actually equal more babies come November?

According to birth rate data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the Social Security Administration, TIME writer Chris Wilson did the math. From his quick calculations, Wilson estimated that approximately 10,408 babies will be born in November after being conceived on Valentine’s Day.

photo: Nicollazzi Xiong via Pexels

And while that number of November babies is certainly nothing to scoff at, it doesn’t take home the prize for the most popular birth month. September is actually the numero uno month, welcoming upwards of 11,000 babies on an annual basis. Count back nine months and that brings you to Christmas, which apparently is the ultimate season of joy and love!

Would we have more babies as a result of Valentine’s Day, had moms-to-be not already been pregnant? The world may never know.

––Karly Wood



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