So you sneak a piece of your kids’ Halloween candy. There’s nothing wrong with that. Right? That is, until you’ve eaten half a pillowcase-worth of chocolate, sugar-covered gummies and peanut butter cups. Maybe you stick to those fun-sized candy bars, thinking that they’re easier on your mommy belly. Umm, not in a digestion type of way. But in an add on the pounds type of way. Well, you could always jog off the Halloween weight. If you’ve ever thought about exercising away the candy, check out just how much you have to do.

Diet-to-Go rounded up some of the most popular Halloween candies and calculated just how much exercise an adult needs to do to work off the calories. Keep in mind, this isn’t for kids. Their stats are based on a 150-pound adult.

Let’s say you eat a Twix bar. Not a full-sized one. Again, we’re talking about those mini fun-sized versions. That teeny tiny Twix takes 8 minutes of jumping rope to burn off. And that’s at a moderate intensity. Maybe Peppermint Patties are more your style. That will earn you 25 minutes at Pilates class. Hmm.

A 3 Musketeers fun-sized bar, at 60 calories, will take 18 minutes of casual cycling. What about M&M’s? Those will take 16 minutes of yoga to burn off. If the elliptical is your thing, then go ahead and eat a Hershey’s bar. And then get on that elliptical for 7 minutes. A Reese’s Cup will take 10 minutes of jogging to burn off and a Milky Way bar will take 17 minutes of playing basketball.

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Share your picks in the comments below.