So here’s something that probably won’t shock or surprise you: a recent survey from meal delivery service Munchery sought to answer the eternal question, “How much me-time do most moms get?” And what about that answer? Um, not a lot—but let’s be honest, you already knew that.

The survey found the average parent gets about 32 minutes a day to themselves. Yep, a whole whopping 32 minutes. Oh, but that’s not all. Not only are we only getting a pinch above half-hour a day of alone-time, but some parents admitted to hiding from their kiddos to get that time to themselves.

Photo: Jordan Bauer via Unsplash

Okay, so not all parents are the same and have the same super-busy schedule. Heck, you might have a full 45 minutes in the a.m. and a second 45 minutes in the evening all to yourself—that is, sitting in rush hour traffic on your way to work.

And then there are those brief, but brilliant moments when your kiddos willingly go to bed at a super-early hour. But then again, that extra-early bedtime typically means one of two things is going on: either there’s a 5 a.m. wake-up call coming your way or your seemingly sleepy kid is actually sick. Sigh.

Yes, we all kind of stress about the lack of serious me-time. But then again, someday those tots will turn into teens who would rather spend their evenings and weekends far, far away from their parents. Might as well rock out those 32 minutes as best we can!

—Erica Loop



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