Ahh, bedtime. It’s that magical time of the night where you blissfully tuck your little ones in, read them a story and then grab yourself a glass of Pinot Noir as you watch the Real Housewives of somewhere or another. Right? Umm, wrong. If only bedtime went that smoothly. But it doesn’t. At least, not for most parents. And now there’s research saying that you’re not alone when it comes to your family’s bedtime battles. Really. Check out what a recent survey had to say about getting kids ready for bed.

A recent survey conducted by market research firm OnePoll for Firefly dental care products found that parents spend the equivalent of 18 full work days getting their kiddos ready for bed. Yep. That’s right! 18 work days every year.

According to the poll, 77% of parents were left feeling exhausted after brushing and bedtime battles. Hmm. We’re kind of curious who those remaining 23% are. We’d like to know how those parents managed to get their kids off to bed without feeling like they just ran a marathon.

Oh, and when it comes down to moms vs. dads, apparently the women have less trouble than the guys. Moms, at least the ones who were surveyed, claim to have less difficulty when it comes to bathtime and getting their kids into their PJ’s.

How much time does it take you to get your kids ready for bed? Tell us in the comments below.