Time can pass pretty quickly when you get engrossed by something on your screen, but how many minutes have you really lost? A new tool can tell you exactly how much time you spend on YouTube.

YouTube has introduced some new tools to help users develop healthier screen habits, including a function that allows you to clock how much time you spend on the site or app. Under your YouTube account menu, you’ll find a category labeled Time Watched, which will tell you how long you’ve spent watching that day, the day before and within the last seven days. Just be aware before you click—it can be pretty eye-opening.

In addition to the Time Watched function, the new tools will also allow users to set up time limits on your usage. Under your settings you can set a certain usage time of your choice and you will then receive a pop-up reminder when you’ve hit that limit.

YouTube’s default settings will now also encourage less use during normal sleeping hours by disabling sounds and vibrations on notifications from 10pm to 8am. You can still turn the sounds and vibrations back on through your settings if need be. You can also set your device to bundle all YouTube notifications into one daily digest.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Courtesy YouTube/Featured photo: StockSnap via Pixabay



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