What is wrong with my kids is a question I ask myself at least 10 times a day! Anyone here with me? Don’t lie!  I don’t mean it in a bad way, of course not, I love my kids to the moon and back; more then anything.  That question is more generally speaking because there really is no answer when it comes to this one!

There is nothing wrong with them, they are just normal, fun-loving, and BIG personality kids that I have created BUT is it really too much to ask that they learn no means NO!  What is there to get?

Here is example of typical day at our house:

1st Round – No you can’t have any Dr. Pepper.  No you can’t have a cookie.  No you can’t get a toy.  No you can’t have another cookie.  No you can’t get out of bed.  No you can’t sleep with us.  No you can’t color on the wall.  No you can’t cut your hair.  No you can’t cut your doll’s hair.  No you can’t pull the dog’s tail. No you can’t go barefoot.  No you can’t have another glass of milk.  No because I said so.

2nd Round time – Kids have got smart.  After the first round of no’s, they come back and ask same question a different way.  Can I just have 1/2 a cookie then?  Can we get just a little toy instead?  Can we sleep on the floor and have a bunking party?  We promise we will wash the wall, it will wash off, we promise!  Can we cut your hair then? Buster loves to play, we will only pull his tail a little bit, he likes it!  How about just socks only? Can I just have a drink of milk instead?

Want some more “no’s”?  I’ve got them!  I am sure you do too!  I hate being the bad guy, the bad mom, always saying no but they can’t do and have everything.  Limits have to be set because of boundaries, safety issues plus you don’t want little brats growing up thinking they are entitled to everything under the sun.  We are working on that this summer.  Sometimes it is a beating, sometimes I turn my head and laugh when they are not looking at the stuff they come up with because it is comical.

I give them an “A” for effort for sure and am darn proud of their tenacity and persistence. I am happy to say they definitely got those traits from me and that will take them far some day in life, but hold up sister, not today, not with Mama.  No means NO and I have had it! We are making progress and headway.  I guess we all have to learn somewhere and somehow.  I am just so blessed and thankful that I am the one teaching them along with so many awesome people in my village.  I hope to see some light soon but for now one of them is yelling at me to come here…Time to wrap this up and go tell them NO to something.


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