“Mom,” says Sam. “My class is presenting a poem at Grandparents Day.”

“Sam!” I say, “That’s great. Tell me about your poem”.

“Well”, says Sam. “It’s. About. Growth. Mindset.” (While really emphasizing the vowels in mindset).

“Growth mindset?” I say.  “That sounds interesting.  Tell me more about what that means.”

“Well,” says Sam. “When we say that we can’t do something, our brain believes us. AND, our brain believes that we will never be able to do that.”

“If we have a growth mindset,” he continues. “We believe that there is always a possibility that we will be able to do anything.”

“And did you know?” he says “that you can turn any of your fixed mind sets into growth mindsets by just adding the word yet?”

“That’s why our poem is about the superpower of YET.”

YET by Heidi Harell

There are so many things you want to know So many ways you want to grow,  There are so many things you want to be,  So many milestones you want to see.        

You will get there if you never forget The superpower of the word yet.

When you first tried to talk you were hard to understand,  When you first tried to eat you needed a hand. When you first tried to walk you fell and fell, When you first tried to run it didn’t go well.

But your baby self knew something we often forget. The superpower of the word yet.

Somehow you knew that if you kept trying, Your chances of success would keep multiplying. The same is true with every risk that you take. You just have to learn from every mistake. Where you put your effort, your goal will be met. As long as you remember the superpower of yet.

“Mom,” says Sam, with a twinkle in his eye. “I don’t play in the NHL yet.”

Featured Photo Courtesy: kclarke