The pandemic may have put a wrench into your normal plans, but you’re still doing your best to keep your kids’ minds and bodies active, sharp and challenged every single day. If you’re curious how other parents are making it work, we recently caught up with three senior editors from Red Tricycle and Tinybeans who, like many of you, are juggling work, virtual schooling and multiple kids. From San Francisco to Queens, they dished about how they’re spending time with their families this fall and why Nike PLAYlist, a curated hub of content, is a must-have resource for parents looking to stay healthy and active with their kids.

Gabby Cullen, Senior National Editor

Fall in Texas means cooler temperatures, so my family and I try to spend more time outside. My son will play with his soccer ball, my daughter will want to hit the neighborhood park on her scooter, and no matter what, they’ll always be running ahead of their dad and me on a nature trail.

When they can’t agree on what to do, we turn to Nike PLAYlist. We just discovered the platform and I’m so happy we did—it’s a great resource for parents needing more ideas on how to encourage movement and celebrate play. I let my kids choose any video they want from the PLAYlist. With so many options and fun content, they rarely disagree on what to watch next. We’ve discovered easy ways to get moving inside, cool facts and tips from some of their fave pro athletes and new sports we want to try. I’ve even discovered tips on how to encourage them to stay positive when playing sports. 

As their mom, I understand the need for comfortable but stylish gear (essential for my tween) that’ll support their active lifestyle. Finding clothes that check both boxes can be a challenge, so we were so excited to discover Nike’s fall line of clothes and shoes for kids.

What are we wearing? My 10-year-old daughter loves her Nike Zoom Arcadia sneakers, which are totally hip and look perfect with her Swoosh Leggings and Nike Air sweatshirt. I was happy to see they had plenty of support for her high arches. My son is all about comfort, so he opts for Nike Air Max Exosense sneakers. Combined with his Sportswear pants and Nike Swoosh t-shirt, it’s easy for him to move around, whether it’s dribbling a soccer ball, riding a scooter, or trying to catch his sister on a trail.


Erin Lem, Head of Editorial

My family is typically in Tahoe during the winter and taking weekend road trips during the summer, but the pandemic has made us stick closer to home, which I’m trying to look at as a blessing in disguise. We live just outside San Francisco and are steps away from amazing hiking trails and beaches. With a toddler who is always moving and a baby who’s along for the ride, we use every opportunity to seek out hidden gems that also allow my toddler to explore with his senses and get out some of that never-ending energy.

We toggle between biking (he just learned how to cruise on his balance bike), walking our dog to discover hidden treasures (usually that means flowers and rocks), climbing hills and digging up dirt—he’s a toddler so it’s the little things and activities that really pique his curiosity. For a kid who doesn’t shy away from puddle jumping or dirt paths, I’m looking for apparel that can keep up with my son’s playful nature. Nike fits the bill.

We especially love the Nike Air Max Oketo shoes and Nike MD Valiant kicks because they’re supportive, eye-catching and allow my son to be nimble as he moves. They also win major mom points since both styles are incredibly easy to take on and off thanks to the velcro. Other fave picks of of ours include basic Nike tees like this one and this one (we’re smitten with the popsicle design) that he can layer underneath hoodies. I dig this classic Sportswear Club Fleece hoodie, and these sweat pants that are oh-so-soft and allow my son freedom of movement.

And when we’re stuck inside—most recently due to the smoke from the Northern California fires—I need ideas that’ll keep him moving and engaged. I recently discovered episodes from Nike’s curated YouTube channel, which features playful content made for kids like him. Nike has four different types of episodes, each with their own unique feel: Shake Ups, Throwbacks, The Replay and 60 Second Hangs. If my son is feeling extra energetic I put on an episode of Shake Ups so he can get moving with the kids on screen, and if he’s more in a mellow mood to learn, I’ll turn on 60 Second Hangs so he can learn about different sports and the athletes who play them. I love that the episodes are short and engaging, and I can sit back as he tries to emulate the kids on the screen as they move, jump and dance. It’s a win-win for both of us.


Megan Harper, Head of Product Growth

Our family is always on the go (yes, we’re that family who can never sit still and I love it). While this year slowed us down just a little bit, I still think we’ve managed to do some pretty amazing things—and, it sure helps we live in NYC where we’re greeted with a variety of options the minute we step outside our apartment.

My older two have boundless energy and are constantly in motion. We especially love biking, jogging, and hiking. They’re all great ways that we can get outside together and even my youngest is absorbing new skills every day watching her older siblings play. With the crisp air, fall is a great time in NYC to head out and we tend to rotate between those three activities, depending on our mood that day.

To ensure my kids are dressed for the occasion, I rely on Nike gear to keep them warm and layered up since NYC falls can vary in temps. For my son, I’m a big fan of this Nike Sportswear Club hoodie and Club fleece pants. My daughter has spunk and she loves to exhibit that with her style choices. She’s a big fan of any eye-catching patterns or colors and is currently living in her sweatsuit. 

But even the busiest family like ours needs to hunker down at home and take a breather once in awhile (not to mention, my husband and I are both working at home full-time and sometimes we need all three kids to sit still for just a few moments). When this happens, I turn on an episode of Nike’s PLAYlist. It’s content that’s kid-friendly and I know is age-appropriate. They’ve learned so many fun things from these videos, from how to set up an indoor tennis table match to how to use the wall to learn how to do headstands. They’ve even discovered new athletes who they now idolize like Rudy Gobert and Casey Short. The videos speak to kids (instead of at them) and have proven to be a great resource for our family.


For more great ideas to stay healthy and get moving with your kids, hop on over to Nike PLAYlist and be sure to check out their Youtube channel for even more ideas.