photo: The Ark via TODAY

Being a single mom is tough no matter what day of the year it is, but it can be bittersweet on a day like Mother’s Day when it might hit home how challenging the struggle can be. The Adopt-A-Mom program in Athens, Georgia is helping single moms feel some love and support, not only on their special day, but throughout the entire year.

For single mom of three girls, Juana Hulin, life has been a major challenge lately. Diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2015 after moving into a new home left Hulin struggling to pay bills. As TODAY reports, that’s when she discovered The Ark, a non-profit serving low-income families in her local area. The organization helped Hulin make ends meet until she was able to regain her financial footing.

On Mother’s Day last year she received even more heartwarming support from The Ark, in the form of a beautiful bouquet of flowers and handwritten note from an anonymous donor. “It brought tears to my eyes because the thought of someone thinking of you on Mother’s Day who doesn’t even know you — it just really warmed my heart and lifted my spirits,” Hulin told TODAY.

This year the Adopt-a-Mom program is making single moms feel special again for the fourth year running. Donors can chose from a list of moms in need and donate $25 to support them. The flowers and cards are donated by sponsors so the Ark is able to put the money received into an account for each mom to meet needs throughout the year. This year all 220 moms who were on the list have been adopted, ensuring that they’ll enjoy a special moment for Mother’s Day.

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