I’m writing this as I watch the peach, purple and blue sunrise over the mountains and through a community of Aspen trees that envelope our little cabin in Fairplay, Colorado. Our faithful dog, Harry is by my side and my family is sleeping peacefully. Tomorrow, I’ll be flying my kids, Lily Love (4 years) and Bear (1 year) back home to New York, while my husband James starts his cross country journey home with a truck full of clothes, toys and his four-legged best friend.

It’s been a month here in the mountains and I can safely say, it’s been the greatest time of my life. We, as a family journeyed here, connected to ourselves, each other and all the beauty around us. We became a more loving family and are now ready to spread that loving energy, like mists of powdery snow, sparkling all around.

Was it easy? Hell no. But nothing great ever is.

My husband and I have worked very hard for a lifest‌yle that allows us to work remotely. We both have our own businesses and an amazing support team that allows us to make this great escape. We purchase our Epic ski season passes 6 months in advance and rent a sweet little cabin deep in the woods, thanks to VRBO, where we negotiated a discounted rate for the longer stay. The cabin is about an hour outside of the Breckinridge Ski Mountain, making our stay more affordable and the drive to and from is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

While here, our daughter, Lily Love learned to ski and now loves the sport, weaving fearlessly in and out of trees. She went from crushing the bunny slope to being able to tackle groomed black diamond runs. She amazes us and has blown any expectations out of the water—children have a way of doing that. 

Our son, Bear had his first experience skiing and although it took us almost 2 hours to get down the slope, due to his tiny skis falling off the chairlift, lots of picking up and resetting and a long, luxurious hot cocoa break, he did it and must have said “woaahhhh” a dozen times. My husband and I didn’t ski together once, as we took turns with our kids but that was perfectly fine, as it was incredible to witness the profound learning going on and to finally see our family having fun together and simply loving this beautiful life together. It was and will be a gift that never stops giving.

Even though my daughter proclaims her favorite moments were “swooshing” and eating Skittles on the chairlift, my favorite moments were far simpler. My son, who used to sleep in a crib, now loves snuggling up close to his big sister in a big bed and we now all enjoy stargazing under a “blanket of stars.” Lily Love’s favorite toy this whole trip was a giant icicle that grew bigger than her off the side of our cabin. 

And more than anything, I was able to understand and appreciate what an amazing father my husband is and to see him become the best version of himself when given the time and space. That, to me is the greatest gift of all—allowing myself and my family the sacred opportunity to be, just be. 

To play, to relax, to wander, to push the limits and to do something differently. To do it our way.