photo: Pixabay

What if your child could get less shots over his or her lifetime. No, not less vaccinations. But, less actual shots. Come on, no one likes getting shots. You know what happens. The nurse walks in with that tiny metal tray. There’s a syringe or two on it and your toddler heads for the hills. Or, at the very least, she lets out a shriek that sets off car alarms two blocks away. Well, researchers are working on an alternative to giving booster shots. Check out what this new research may mean for your child and kids around the world!

New technology may allow doctors to give multiple vaccinations in one shot, at one time. Instead of working all at once, the vaccines are encapsulated in itty bitty little particles. They can then be released at different times, making it totally unnecessary to get booster shots. Yay!

Not only could this cut down on the cry factor, but it could help children in developing countries. Instead of having to fly in more vaccines and somehow get kids to come back to clinics for boosters, this is a one time and you’re done fix.

Even though the multi-vaccine shots aren’t ready for human use just yet, they do look promising. Right?

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