The world of online gaming has opened up a whole new world of both education and entertainment for today’s children.

We live in a digital era; one where technology reigns.  It is a world where today’s children inhabit.   It is a world where our children will grow to depend more and more upon, whether for communication, for careers, or for entertainment and recreation.  It is also a world where today’s parents need to become more comfortable and familiar with, if they wish to both help and protect their children.

With high speed internet online gaming has evolved significantly. Now, players have the ability to compete against other players, which allows them the opportunity to interact with others from around the globe, which is part of the appeal for this form of entertainment.

To be sure, there are other benefits for children association with online gaming.   As this is indeed a digital world, online gaming allows for children to develop important computer skills and fluency.  Along with this, memorization is also strengthened, as players are required to memorize important sequences in their games.

 Without question, online games create the opportunity for strong cognitive development among players; development that is critical for today’s students in school, and in life.  Problem solving skills are critical for today’s students, and online gaming offers countless opportunities to build upon these skills.  Many online games that today’s children are playing require that they engage in problem solving, and do so in a fun and entertaining way.  Any parent and teacher can assure that learning is increased when a student is having fun.  Of course, there are also countless numbers of educational based online games for children and parents to choose from, as well. 

Now, there are some dangers associated with online gaming and children, and it is important for parents and guardians to be familiar with these dangers in order to protect children from harm.   Parents need to be watchful and monitor what online games their children are playing, in order to steer the young players away from potential dangers.

As more and more schools and classrooms enter into the world of computers and technology for online learning, our children can begin this process, and indeed be at the head of the class, by simply playing online games at home with you, and with others.  Truly, learning never stops!