The recent changes to the Flickr photo policy mean one thing for many users—you need to back up your photos. Do it now—don’t lose all those baby pics!

Just in case you haven’t heard about this major change, Flickr made a serious policy change when it comes to storage space. Instead of allowing free photo storage, the site will now either limit the number of photos a member can add to under 1,000 or require them to pay $50 for unlimited storage.

Flickr initially gave members until Feb. 5 to back up their pics or face deletion. But due to server issues (along with user complaints), the site is extending its deadline. Reports surfaced recently that long download times and the inability to download more than 500 photos at one time have made it near-impossible for high-storage users to get their pics in time.

So how long do you actually have to complete a Flickr photo backup? Members with 1,000+ photos now have until Mar. 12 to back up their excess pics. If you choose to do nothing, Flickr will start deleting the oldest photos first after that date. To backup your photos use the master download everything button (caution here, this may take waaaay more time than you would like) or create a download request for individual pics. You’ll get a zip file from Flickr with your photos.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Stock Snap via Pixabay



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