kidsanimal-Dan Hatton via flickr

Are you ready for some slithering fun? Step into the shoes (or rather the belly) of snakes and serpents with our easy 5-step guide to acting like a slippery reptile. We’ve even included a trick that’s guaranteed to get your tots ready for bath time!

1. Serpents tend to blend in with their surroundings. So where will you be spending your day today? Think about it, and then choose a color that matches the wall or floor.

2. Snakes are known for their hypnotic hissing sounds. When talking, elongate your “s” soundsss until all eyess are fixated on you. Tip: Try this for “f” and “ph” sounds.

3. Snakes aren’t known for moving in a straight line. If you’re at home, go for gold and get on your belly. Wiggle with grace by slithering across the floor to get to your destination. If you’re out and about, walk in a zig-zag pattern (like pretending you’re a very slow airplane without the wings).

4. Snakes tend to eat their food whole without chewing, but we highly suggest ignoring this. Instead, encourage digestion after meals by telling your little serpents to take a short break before playtime.

5. Moulting, aka the easiest way to get your kids into a bath. Since snakes shed their skin, you can easily convince your little Slytherin to take off their clothes, jump into the shower and exfoliate for a “new skin.”

What are your tips for being a serpent? Share them in the Comments below!

photo: Dan Hatton via flickr