robotcostume- tomas via flickr

photo: Tomas via flickr

Being a robot requires far less reprogramming than you may think! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the nuts and bolts for a costume, it’s all about how the gears turn on the inside. Read on to see what it takes to take your internal software right into beeping robot-mode.

1. Change simple words like yes and no to “affirmative” or “negative.” Another fun thing to do is end every sentence with “Yes, master” like CP3O from Star Wars. You can also talk in long and short beeps instead of using words.

2. Talk slow and monotone while enunciating every syllable. Need an audio reference? Turn to Siri or your friendly GPS.

3. Don’t blink. If you have to blink, do it slowly like you were programmed to but unsure what the point is because a robot’s eyes don’t dry out.

4. Try your best not to bend your arms and legs, unless they are already bent, then don’t straighten them out! Highly skilled movers might want to refer to the robot dance video from The Ellen Show.

5. Move deliberately. End each movement with a hard stop and a light bounce to make it seem like you’re being controlled. You can even add some sound effects when you move.

What are your tips for being a robot? Share them in the comments below.