If their 1-2-3’s haven’t come as easy as their A-B-C’s, it’s time to give your little student a leg up in the mathematics department. Turn to Kumon, the global after-school math and reading program, to help improve your child’s math skills and confidence. Read on to discover why thousands of parents across the country rely on Kumon for nurturing and bolstering academic success.

What Is Kumon? 
No one kid is alike, so why should his education be? Kumon believes that each child flourishes when math and reading skills are developed incrementally from each individual’s best starting point and at his or her own pace. This means that each student is given an individualized worksheet lesson plan created by the instructor. Kumon caters to children as young as three-years-old through high school, so whether your kiddo is just starting out or taking advanced literary and mathematics classes, Kumon has a plan for you.

What Will Your Kid Achieve in Kumon’s Math Program?
Beyond alleviating math anxiety, the individualized lesson plans will help build your kids’ confidence and skills. They will:

  • Develop a strong foundation in math.
  • Learn valuable skills like mental calculation.
  • Do math without a calculator.
  • Complete homework and exams more quickly, with less stress and more accuracy.
  • Move ahead of their peers. Kumon’s program helps your kids advance at their own pace, which often means advancing beyond their grade level.

Why Not Get a Math Tutor Instead?
Kumon prides itself in being an ongoing learning enrichment program, and not simply a short-term solution. They’re focused on providing a life-long foundation of knowledge by ensuring your students master each building block of math through their unique curriculum.

Details on the Unique Curriculum
With an individualized worksheet lesson plan created by the instructor specifically for your child, your little scholar can progress at his or her own pace regardless of age or grade level (read: there’s no pressure to advance to the next level before your kiddo is ready). Daily assignments take about 30 minutes per subject, completed twice a week at the Kumon Center with the other five lessons finished at home. The worksheets include examples of how to solve the problems and teaches a lesson that’s slightly more advanced than the lesson before. Learning is incremental so your kids learn with confidence after each new success and worksheet is completed.

Online: kumon.com

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— Erin Lem

Legal Disclaimer: Most Kumon Centers are independently owned and operated.




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