Bedtime has never been so much fun because now your kids can call Mickey Mouse and friends to say goodnight! From Aug. 6 through Aug 31., get everyone snuggled in tight and place a call to 1-877-7-MICKEY and you’ll be greeted by Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy or Goofy (sorry, no Pluto this time).

The “sleep shop hotline” is being run by the Disney Store, in hopes of adding “magic” to your bedtime routine and giving kids something to look forward to. Each character has a unique message and parents have the option of selecting who will answer the phone.

Once you’re fave character is selected, kiddos will hear a fun short message that’s about a minute long. Each pal will tell you a little about their day, talk about bedtime-related activities and then say “Sweet dreams!”

Remember, the sleep shop hotline is only for a limited time, so be sure you get to hear from all your Disney pals before it’s gone forever!

––Karly Wood

Featured photo: Ryan McGuire via Gratisography



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