My husband and I are obsessed with adventure camper trailers. We want one. (It may be our mid-life crisis.) We don’t want your typical RV-type trailer that you pull behind your truck. We want a super light-weight, go anywhere, down any forest road, cool looking, tough, off-road camping trailer. We want tent camping combined with “glamping” amenities. We imagine super easy “pack up and go” family camping trips to quiet forests isolated from humans and surrounded by the sounds of nature and our happy children. Insert rainbows and unicorns here.

So given our preoccupation with all things “trailer” and “camping,” we finally found Rove Rentals, a relatively new business that rents Blue Ridge Expedition trailers with the optional “tent on top” for the kiddos. Even though it required a five-hour drive to Winston-Salem, NC, we were determined to try it.

We packed up the kids, picked up the trailer and headed toward our forest road of solitude and contentment. Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Nate turned our “forest road of contentment” into “the forest road of destruction” so we changed tactics and drove to one of our favorite campgrounds in the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area. We practically had the campground to ourselves—score! So, how did our excursion into off-road camping go?

Yay for Freedom!

Yes, we love the freedom to go anywhere—but anywhere often does not always include a toilet. Also, even though it weighs less than 2,000 pounds, you still have to pull the trailer everywhere you go. And believe me, it’s no simple task to turn around on a forest road pulling anything, no matter the weight. On the plus side, it is light enough to pull with your SUV. You don’t even need a truck.

Cooking on the Go

I absolutely loved the covered stainless steel kitchen, complete with battery-operated lights, a refrigerator cooler  and all the storage you need for your cooking supplies. We cooked rigatoni with homemade bolognese sauce (cooked and frozen ahead of time), enjoyed breakfasts with hot coffee, oatmeal and sausage in the mornings, and prepared sliced carrots and apples—all with ample counter space, sharp knives and a sink for easy clean up.

Comfy Accommodations for All

It’s hard to find an adventure travel trailer that sleeps a family of four. The roof-top tent was a hit with the girls and they slept “awesome”(their words) on the built-in mattress. Bonus for them? Climbing the ladder to get into the tent. Bonus for us? Setup and breakdown of the tent was super easy.

A Hotel on Wheels?

Not exactly… but the interior of the trailer sleeps two, with plenty of room for cozy family reading time and has lights, screened windows, storage, a comfortable mattress and—most importantly in our area of the country—a fan. In summary, we slept great and admittedly better than we do in our tent.

Water? Not a Problem.

Need to wash your dishes? Take a hot shower? It’s all here, plumbed and ready with a heated 26-gallon water tank.

We had a fantastic weekend. The Rove Rental process was easy, the folks running it are super nice and helpful and the trailer was in perfect condition, loaded with everything you need. Just bring food, clothes, and sleeping bags for the tent—that’s it!

For our family, we discovered that the simplicity of tent camping still reigns supreme but acknowledge one could get the best of both worlds with this type of camping trailer. We’d like to try it again on a trip driving to multiple destinations. It’s just that easy to setup and breakdown camp and go. While I don’t think we’re ready to indulge in buying an adventure camper trailer, we will definitely rent one again. Hopefully we’ll get to take it for a “real” test drive—weather permitting this time—on our much sought-after “forest road of contentment.”

Featured Photo Courtesy: Amy Ragsdale