You’ve watched the show and you’re ready to KonMari your entire existence, but how do you get everyone in your household on board? It takes more than one to tidy up and here’s how to convince your partner to get organized, according to Marie Kondo.

In a recent appearance, Kondo was asked what you should do if you’re partner isn’t on the Kondo train to tidy town. The answer is, nothing. Well, at least not really. “It’s important to not force that on your partner,” Kondo answered through an interpreter.

photo: Marie Kondo via Instagram

Instead Kondo explained that you should simply focus on yourself first. Stick with decluttering your own items and hopefully all those neat and orderly drawers will convince your partner of the benefits. Kondo added, “The process is quite infectious.”

So what if they still aren’t swayed? Fold a few of their clothes perfectly for them and just wait for the magic. “Everyone loves folded clothes,” Kondo said.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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