So, you just had a baby. Congratulations! Or you’ve decided to be a stay-at-home mom. It’s really great at first! Plenty of time to savor special moments with your child. You can get tasks done, and maybe have a little time for yourself. But all those hours alone with your kiddo are starting to get, well…boring.

You need to join a Moms group. Why? You need social interaction, parenting help and play opportunities for your child. But how do you find the right group for you?

Here are some tips to find the perfect Moms group, for you and your children.

1. Consider Your Interests: Think about your interests and the unique things about you, so you know where to find other moms like yourself. Is fitness important to you? Then look for a local stroller jogging group, or Mommy and Me Yoga program.

Are you a person of faith? There are lots of clubs sponsored by local churches, or groups that are faith-based, like MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).

Is there something special about your family or kids and you’d love to meet others like you? Mom to multiples? Try Multiples of America. There are often groups that cater to each unique situation.

2. Location is Important: Once you think about the type of club you’d like to join, keep the location in mind as well. It’s helpful to join a group that meets close to you, to make getting together as easy as possible. The reality is that it’s already a challenge to pack your diaper bag, get kids out the door and make it someplace on time. (or close to on time). The closer your group meets to your home, the better.

Some mom groups are designed exactly this way. MOMS Club, International prides itself on being a local, neighborhood group. Chapters are divided geographically, sometimes into small sections in highly populated areas. Closer proximity means it’s easy to meet, and you already have things in common because you live nearby. You share the same parks and know where the closest Chick Fil A is. And later, your kids may attend the same elementary schools and they’ll start kindergarten with friends!

3. Turn to Technology: Sometimes you can’t find the group of moms you click with, or you may have another challenge such as living in a rural area. You can always go online and find or create your own group. Sites like Meetup and Nextdoor can easily put you in touch with existing groups or moms near you. Facebook also has a variety of groups, and there are apps to make finding mom friends much easier.

·       Peanut-similar to Tinder, but for moms-is a great way to connect with moms who think like you do.

·, a global social network with its own digital currency!

·       Hello Mamas, is also an easy way to make friends and share this thing called motherhood.

You’ve chosen an amazing path-to focus on raising your kids above all else. (at least temporarily) But you can’t do it alone!

Join a Moms group to make the journey easier. Your family and your sanity will thank you.

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