Yeah, your number one New Year’s resolution is to eat better. That is, until the kiddos are craving pizza. And you’re way too exhausted to make the five different dinners that cover everyone’s own personal tastes. Nope, there are no short order cooks here. But pizza kind of covers everyone. And if you order at Pizza Hut between now and Jan. 8 you can get half off!

What’s that you say? How can you get a full 50% off pizza? Don’t worry, it’s not some sort of crazy leftover special and you don’t have to place your order during “off” hours only. All you need to do is order any menu-priced pizza from Pizza Hut’s mobile app or website. Yep, all app and online orders get you half off your fave pizzas — making you the mama of the year (we know…it’s only a few days into the year).

And this deal isn’t just for those nights when you just can’t stand up straight long enough to cook a full family meal. Vice President of Marketing for Pizza Hut Zipporah Allen said, “The holidays are over, but entertaining season is in full swing. And we’re kicking off 2018 with a deal that helps slow the spending, but not the fun.”

What’s your favorite pizza topping? What about your family — do they share the love when it comes to your topping of choice? Tell us in the comments below.