photo: Aaron Fulkerson via Flickr

When it comes to the first day of kindergarten, you’re probably more nervous to drop your baby off than she is to spend the whole day on her own. But don’t worry! There are a zillion ways to help you and your little learner get ready for the big day. Here are a few ideas, courtesy of Pinterest:

Make a Big Sign to Mark the Occasion

Make a Handprint… So You Can Keep Your Little Close All Day Long

Make Sure Your Child Knows These Things:

Read Some Books About Kindergarten Before the Big Day

Get Creative With Your Back-To-School Photos

Keep Calm All Day Long With These Cute Bracelets

Get a Personalized Shirt Everyone Will Remember

Be Prepared for Any Jitters

Do you have any good first-day-of-kindergarten tips? Share them with us in the comments below.