If you’ve ever wondered about how to hang picture frames the right way, look no further! In a recent tweet by business journalist and podcaster Michael Hainsworth, we see the genius idea that uses a fork and nail to perfectly hang a piece of art and excuse us, because we. Are. Shook.

The video shows the easy concept of sliding a fork onto a pre-hammered nail, between the tines. Once the fork is in place, simply slide that pesky wire on the back of your framed artwork down the back of the flatware for the perfect placement and remove said fork. It’s like magic!

Once again such a simple idea has us scratching our heads and asking, “why didn’t we think of that?” In the end, we’re just glad we don’t have to make dozens of holes in our walls trying to hang our kiddos art on the wall!

––Karly Wood

Featured photo: Eric Terrade via Unsplash



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