Need an incredibly versatile toy that’s available in your own home? You’ve got it! Bust out that bucket and tackle this list of clever and creative things to do. From apple bobbing to beating on a drum, your family can turn an ordinary household item into a bucket load of fun. Scroll down to read them all.

1. Fill the bucket up with water and apples, and then… yep, you guessed it: Go bobbing for apples.

applebobbing-cc-Natasha Vora-flickr

photo: Natasha Vora via flickr

2. Take your favorite bucket (or two) and bring it to the beach or sand pit for some castle building fun.

sandcastle-cc-Leanne Butkovic-flickr

photo: Leanne Butkovic/KOMUnews via flickr

3. For quick silly fun, wear it as a hat and let the wild rumpus begin!

buckethat-cc-Kevin Lawver-flickr

photo: Kevin Lawver via flickr

4. Take a cue from the Bucket Busters, a non-profit organization that raises money for kids to take music lessons, and beat to the rhythm of your favorite record.

bucketbusters-cc-Sandy:Chuck Harris-flickr

photo: Sandy/Chuck Harris via flickr

5. Let your kid be Picasso and decorate that boring ol’ bucket with a little paint or stickers.


photo: aaronshaf via flickr

6. Buy some seeds, fill the bucket with soil and turn it into your kiddo’s personal plant.

bucketgarden-cc-Tulsa City-County Library-flickr

photo: Tulsa City-County Library via flickr

7. Find the biggest bucket and see how far each of your family members fit!

bucket-cc-mitch knapp-flickr

photo: Mike Knapp via flickr

8. Use those photography skills to recreate this funny family picture:


Got any ideas for a bucket-load of fun? Share them in the Comments below!

— Christal Yuen