If your little one gets mixed up when it comes to left and right, we’ve got some easy ways to help. Read on for 6 simple tips.

baby feet

photo: Paweł Mączewski via flickr

1. Using a Sharpie, on the sole or inside of the tongue of shoe, put an R or an L . For kids that aren’t sure which shoe is which, show them the gentle curve that goes in (should form an oval of sorts when placed together).

2. Put different colored socks on their feet: e.g. red is right, blue is left. Just be sure and remind them a few times which is which. 

3. If they write with their right hand, they can remember by “right/write.” If they write with their left, simply say “left to write,  not to the right.” They can imagine holding a pencil or crayon in the hand they prefer to write with.

4. Use a stamp or temporary tattoo on one side only (their choice). Tell them the stamp is on their left wrist, etc.

5. Paint one fingernail. The thumb is a great option, paint it one color and don’t paint the rest of the nails or the other hand. Have them repeat “green thumb on the left,” or whatever color/side you’ve chosen, a couple of times in the morning.

6. Draw a little smiley face on one of their little toes. This works best when barefootin’ it at home or during flip-flop weather.

Got tips for telling your left from you right? Share them in the comments below! 

—Amber Guetebier