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Whether you have grandparents in your life or not, any day of the year is a great opportunity to join age-groups, old and young, for a fun-for-all experience, and to teach your kids how they can easily give back. Scroll down through the below ideas and then share your suggestions on how to help out a senior today.

Good to know: many senior or assisted living homes have special visiting hours or restrictions on non-family visitors. Be sure to call ahead before dropping-in or donating anything.

1. Bake something yummy to share with the residents of your local senior center. Try one of these healthy and delicious cookie recipes that are low or no-sugar.

Tip: Not all senior centers allow drop-ins so give them a call and ask about dietary restrictions or visiting hours.

2. Make a card with your kids (who can resist craft time?) and deliver it to your local senior home. Many elderly no longer have family or don’t receive cards during the holidays.

3. Not into cards? How about making a magnet or a placement? Click here for a ton of ideas that range from the simple to more involved.

4. If your local senior center does allow visitors, bring over a puzzle or games like cards, checkers or dominoes to play.

5. Or, your kids can practice their reading skills by reading aloud their favorite page turner.

6. If you’re looking for a longer-term idea, check out your local Meals on Wheels program. While each chapter has its own restrictions, many allow young visitors to ride-along with the driver (you!) to deliver meals to seniors.

What other ideas should we add to our list? How else can you help a senior out? Leave a comment below!

— Erin Lem

photo: Jeffrey Smith via flickr