The prospect of moving to Florida excites me. We currently live in New Jersey, where the winters are brutal and the spring is too short. I crave warm, sunny weather, the ability to walk to the markets and for my son to ride his bike to school. Warm weather is uplifting, motivating, and breathes new life into people and things.

But there are several things we need to do in our New Jersey home before we can put it on the market. This includes fixing up the kitchen, getting our septic tank looked at, landscaping our yard, and some other superficial projects. I’m excited to see what our home will become with a little TLC. And my son is excited to help. Here’s how we plan to transform our home to put it on the market and how we’re going to make it a family project.


Not only is choosing paint colors fun, but the painting process can be a fun, hands-on family project. Our walls have several scuffs, cracks, and marks on them that need repainting. My husband and I can handle the larger areas, while my son can use a smaller paintbrush or even a roller to go over the smaller sections. Our walls are currently beige in most areas of the house. We may choose a darker shade when repainting, which my son will help with too. He’s already excited to look at different paint swatches, especially for his own room!

Did you know that the color you choose can actually help sell your home for more money? Shades of gray often increase your home’s value up to $3,000! Here are some guidelines I’ve found for what colors to choose for which rooms:

  • Bathrooms: Blue, purple, white

  • Kitchen: Blue, yellow

  • Bedrooms: Blue, pink

  • Living Room: Blue, brown

  • Dining Room: Blue, red

As you can see, blue seems to be the most popular color for many rooms in the house.


Curb appeal is a huge factor when it comes to selling your home. If the outside of the house isn’t appealing then buyers may not even venture inside. Think of it as a poor first impression. We have quite a bit of work to do on the outside of our home to brighten it up and create a warm and welcoming feel.

Some of the stuff is pretty simple and things my son can easily help with. This includes cleaning up those random balls, toys and broken bits of last year’s snow sled that seem to collect at the bottom of our driveway. We have a large yard that needs mowing often, so we help by picking up large sticks so that daddy doesn’t run them over with the lawnmower.

We’ll need to plant some flowers to liven up our walkway. My son is excited to try his hand at gardening! We are going to purchase some walkway lighting, which we can pick as a family. My son loves being part of the decision process when it comes to our house, and I love making him a part of it. We’ll also add new stain to our front porch and maybe some furniture. These are things that my son can help shop for and give his input.

Kitchen Demo & Remodel

Though we’ll likely hire a contractor to do most of our kitchen remodeling, the demo process can easily be done as a family. We need to rip up our existing linoleum floor, remove the kitchen cabinets and even knock down the wall dividing the kitchen and living room. My son, like most boys, enjoys destroying stuff and getting dirty. He and my husband have already decided that together, they will break down the wall and rip up for the floor.

As long as my son uses protective gear and they do things safely, I’m completely okay with his participation. It’s also pretty neat to see the transformation take place from what the kitchen was to what it will become. This gives my son the chance to see his hard work pay off.


This is the one part of moving where my son can be completely involved, in all aspects. In fact, I’ll need his help for most of it! We really need to downsize when it comes to getting rid of things we don’t need, won’t need when we move, or no longer use. Our basement has become the “catch-all” for our things, from toys to wrapping paper and decorations, to clothing, books and movies.

Our basement is filled with things we’ve accrued over many years. Some, we probably don’t even realize are down there! Our plan is to get a dumpster and try to purge anything that we don’t need or use any longer. The things we don’t toss, we can either sell at a garage sale or donate. I love donating gently used clothes and toys to our local thrift shop or even to friends and families with small children.

Because my son’s birthday is in December, between that and Christmas we always acquire so much stuff! Before his birthday each year, my son and I go through all of his toys, books, movies, games and clothes to decide what he’s outgrown. He shows extreme generosity and honesty when deciding what things he no longer needs or uses. He also takes great pride in knowing he’s giving less fortunate children toys that they will cherish and use.

And his enthusiasm to give inspires me to do the same. So, together, we can definitely downsize a lot of our rooms, the basement and attic by thinking of others before ourselves.

Out With the Old, In with the New!

As exciting as the prospect of a new home is, I’m equally excited to transform our home into selling condition. Having my son involved in both processes – selling our current home and choosing a new one—just makes the entire journey that much more enjoyable. Children love to help and love to be a part of what’s going on. I try to involve my son as much as possible and I know that it’s helping to foster his confidence, independence, problem-solving skills, and character.


Featured Photo Courtesy: vikvarga via Pixabay