Your kids can’t get enough of cowboy boots, hobby horses, and Woody from Toy Story. After all, there’s just something about the Wild West that appeals to kids (no rules, perhaps?). Scroll down to find out how to make a cool cowboy hat that’s so simple, there’ll still be time to stop a showdown at the OK Corral before the afternoon is over.

cowboyhat1_slide1_gabbycullen_wildwest_national_redtricycleWhat You’ll Need

1. 1 cereal box

2. 1 sheet aluminum foil

3. Black or brown paint (acrylic or tempera)

4. Twine or rope

5. Elmer’s Glue

6. Scissors

7. Sharpie Pen

8. Jewels (optional)

9. Paintbrush


Step 1: Create the Headwear

Using the cereal box, cut one long straight strip, one shorter strip that curves up at the end (for the perfect hat brim!) and one rectangle piece with a half-circle cut in the middle that will serve as the front of the hat.


Step 2. Give the Hat Color

Using a paint color of your choice, cover all three pieces. Adding an additional layer is fine, but one should do the trick.

sherrifsstar_cowboyhat_gabbycullen_wildwest_national_redtricycleStep 3: Create a Sheriff’s Star

Fold the sheet of aluminum foil in half (the double layer helps to prevent tearing), then cut out a star shape. Write the words “Sheriff” and if your kid loves a little sparkle, here’s where those jewels will come in handy. Place glue along the inside of the layers to increase the star’s strength!

cowboyhat_slide15_gabbycullen_wildwest_national_redtricycleStep 4: Assemble the Headgear

First glue the front of the hat to the long straight piece, then follow with the shorter, curved piece on top. Make sure the shorter strip is glued above the long straight piece, so if really looks like it is the brim of the hat.

cowboyhat_slide19_gabbycullen_wildwest_national_redtricycleStep 5: Add On All the Fixin’s

Glue a piece of twine to the edge of the hat brim and then glue on the Sheriff’s star.

cowboyhat_slide14_gabbycullen_wildwest_national_redtricycleStep 5: Bring on the Cowpokes

Have your little sheriff hold the long straight piece around her head, then staple together. Then grab your horses and lassos for hours of fun!


Why do you love the Wild West? Share with us in the comments below!

— Copy and photos by Gabby Cullen