If any year needed a kickstart it’s 2021. Spend an afternoon focusing on dreams and goals for the year (hello, travel!) by making a vision board with the kids. From learning a new skill to going on an amazing trip, there’s no end to the awesome things you can create for yourself (the kids can make one too!). Scroll down for the easy tutorial.

What You’ll Need

Painting canvas in any size

Old magazines

Mod Podge (or similar decoupaging paste) 



What to Do


If you can see your aspirations on a daily basis, they are more likely to become a reality. Start by writing down goals and ideas, and have your kids do the same! 



Browse the old magazines for words, phrases and images that represent each goal. 


Use the Mod Podge to paste each clipped item onto the blank canvas. Be sure to brush a coat of the gloss over each image. Don’t worry, it will dry clear!


Once it's done, your kids can decide where to hang or place their vision board, and remember, it should be a place they can see clearly!

Thanks to The Artful Parent for inspiring this post.

—All images and copy by Gabby Cullen