Here’s a fresh take on the classic sandwich, featuring Granny Smith apples and Arla® Gouda cheese. This is a healthy option for those back-to-school lunches, for sure.


  • Apples (we like Granny Smith)
  • 2 tablespoons nut butter
  • 2 slices Arla® Gouda Cheese


  1. Cut your apples into slices
  2. Spread the nut butter
  3. Add cheese slices, cut to fit
  4. Top it off
  5. Enjoy!

Did you know that Arla® is a farm-to-fridge dairy company that currently offers a full range of naturally delicious cheese varieties, including cream cheese, snack cheese and sliced cheese? As an added bonus, Arla cheese is made from only simple ingredients that you can recognize. Arla is the better-for-you-cheese the whole family will love. What more could a parent want?