Ever get hung up trying to figure out how to organize baby onesies? With a growing mountain of baby basic-wear, your baby’s nursery might be getting buried. This smart mom’s organizing hack is totally going to blow your mind.

Last summer, mom Stacy Augustyn posted a beyond helpful hack on Facebook. Instead of folding, rolling up or trying to stash all those teeny, tiny bodysuits in a bin, Augustyn hangs them on a hanger.

While this seems totally obvious, her hack goes a bit deeper than just hanging the onesies up. Forget about stretching the arms or body of the suits out as you try to maneuver them over the hanger’s angles. With this hack, all you need to do is turn the onesies upside down, unbutton them and then button them up again—over the bottom (straight) part of the hanger.

Now you can organize your baby’s onesies, keeping them all in one place. Heck, you can even color code them or create themed groups—think animal onesies, polka dot prints, holidays or any other category that you can think of!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Courtesy of Kabbage



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