Being a mother is a blissful experience, and sometimes daunting! If you are a new inexperienced mother, life becomes thrilling cum challenging.

The good part, these challenges will help you learn a lot at the same time. A new mommy is usually overprotective and goes an extra mile to ensure the best for her kid. Maybe, that is why mothers are always deeply attached with their kids and cannot let anyone throw shade on them.

Are you a new mother? I understand, how you are being up all night and still going through the day, ensuring that your baby sleeps in peace. Worry not, here are some tips to make your motherhood more ecstatic.

Given below are the 7 problems that every new mother faces and some tips of how to cope up with the same.

1) Sleep Deprived

I know I know! You are sleep deprived. You are making sure that your baby sleeps with a smile. But when you try to hit the sack, you suddenly hear baby cries. You need to get up and sing a lullaby to your baby. Sweet enough for the onlookers, this repetitive cycle can be very tiresome and might even take a toll on the mother’s health.

If being a mother is a bliss, then getting solution to the related challenges is a boon. You must seek help. Not sleeping is not possible and might lead to abrupt mood swings. Continuous lack in sleep can also lead to mental and emotional disturbances. You need to make sure to ask for help.

Ask your friend, a family member, or trustworthy neighbour to spend some time with the baby and till then you must sleep. Sleeping in bits and snatches can also make up.

2) Breastfeeding Problems

You are not used to it! You never had a baby and the baby doesn’t know anything either. What to do now? Breastfeeding is one of the most common problems every new mother goes through. Many problems like generation of milk, baby not latching, painful feeding, and others arise. But, you simply cannot stop the process.

In this case, you need to see a latching consultant or should ask an experienced mother for help. You must talk it out and call them when trying to breastfeed the baby. They’ll be able to notice the flaws or the problems and can help you. Take your time in excelling in this and let the experts guide you. Sometimes, you just more time to get used to it.

3) Lack of ‘ME’ Time

After giving birth to a baby, you are going to miss your ‘ME’ time with your friends and family. And, you must get prepared for the same. Do not get scared! You can still have the time of your life with a baby besides you.

Try inviting your friends home. They are your friends, so they should better understand your state. If you want to go out, look for places you can take your baby along. A lot of mothers do this and this doesn’t let your ‘ME’ time go in waste.

Also, ask your husband or a family member to babysit for sometime. There might be lesser occasions than before, but you won’t regret it. Also, you must consider meeting friends who already have kids or are about to. They’ll understand your part and won’t press you down for anything.

4) You Feel Out of Shape!

Stretch marks and the stubborn fat! You do not feel like being in your own skin. You feel like an unknown person altogether. And, watching television and celebrities with the perfect body shape after giving birth to babies adds a lot more to existing breakdown.

But, it is okay! It takes around a year to get back in shape with mild regular workout. Prior to that, you need that extra fat, to be true. You need it to be energetic and keep the baby healthy with all the proper nutrition.

Even a personal trainer and full-time babysitter can’t fetch those luring results instantly, but that doesn’t mean you lose hope and stop try. Do whatever you want even; what if you’re the mother of a toddler? Just keep following the tiny bits and you’ll be there.

P.S. Do not forget the motherly glow that you’ll get on your skin!

5) It Pains

After going through an extensive pain, everything seems uncontrollable. You feel that you won’t be able to get out of the pain and it’ll stay with you forever. After going through c-section, surgeries, vaginal stitches, etc., you barely feel in a good state. That hurts.

However, you’ll be fine. All this is temporary and the pain will go away. In case of extreme discomfort, visiting your gynecologist is recommended. Also, ice packs and medicinal pads are prescribed for initial days; they can bring relief.

6) “Baby Blues”

You are hormonal which making you low every now & then. This feeling is termed as “baby blues”. You’ll feel like being stuck in something that doesn’t seem to end. Progesterone levels will decrease and you will be acquainted with mood swings.

And, all this with lack of sleep will mess up things.

Don’t worry it’s a matter of a couple of weeks. With support of family and friends, you can get through. There are many online & offline communities and forums too that help new moms feel good. Do not worry, you are not alone.

7) Ambiguity About What the Baby Wants

You’ll have to deal with this one, but again, just for sometime. Your kid won’t say thanks to you every time you are cleaning his face or wiping his poop. The baby won’t tell you whether he/she needs food or wants some warmth. Baby will just cry & you’ll have to figure out the reason. This might sound so difficult to you, doesn’t it?

“It gets better,” they say. Yes, It will. You’ll ultimately know what your baby wants for the moment. You get to know some fixed expressions and conditions that help you get through it. After all, you have gave birth to the baby so you’ll eventually get acquainted with his quirks and expressions. That’s why, it is said that mothers know their kids the best.

Your baby will smile when happy and no feeling will be better than that. Trust me! When your baby will smile at you for the first time, you’ll feel that all the hardships have paid off.

Then, the long due acknowledgements won’t matter. As, the connect will finally be there!

Take a Note

New mother? Have a newborn besides you being all cranky and crying every now and then? I hope this helps to make you feel tad bit relaxed.

Do not worry! In some time, you’ll be back to pavilion with the best version of yourself and a blessing in your hand. Don’t bother if your night parties are being missed for changing diapers. Trust me, you’ll find the worth.

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