If your kids have outgrown clothes and shoes (undoubtedly the case for any parent of a toddler) and that extra bin of toys has outworn its welcome, it may be time for a family yard sale. Getting everyone involved in pulling off a fun, profitable sale is surprisingly simple if you plan ahead. It’s a great way to de-clutter, get to know neighbors, and teach kids how hard work pays off. Here are a few garage sale tips to help pull off the big day without a hitch:

-Pick items to sell at least a week ahead of time and begin a separate pile for each family member’s goods. Assign a different color sticker for each person and price items ahead of time.

-Remember, the main idea is to get rid of extra stuff, so keep prices cheap. You can also make a free pile.

-Have plenty of change on hand, especially dollar bills and quarters.

-Make sure your child isn’t accidentally selling a favorite toy or object connected to a milestone.

-Craft time! Make several signs announcing the sale and put them up around the neighborhood. Buy a few sheets of oversized poster board, markers and balloons and go to town. To attract the most traffic, mom or dad might want to do the lettering. Keep the message big, simple and clear.

-Lemonade stands and bake sales are a good way to keep kids occupied on the day of the sale. Customers will appreciate a cool drink on a hot day, too. Don’t forget to bake and individually wrap goodies ahead of time.

-Wondering what to do with all that dough? After the sale wraps up kids can keep their cash for spending money. Or it can be saved for guitar lessons, camp or even college. Also consider pulling profits together and donating to charity.

-Put some hard-earned moolah towards a family dinner out after unsold items are dropped off at a local thrift store.

– Sara Billups