Vivian Wynter

Vivian Wynter is a multi-hyphenate and mom to her toddler Luna. She spends her time as a beauty and lifestyle entrepreneur, content creator and entertainer.

What would it look like if the people we went to for help in our most vulnerable moments were never able to empathize with us and put themselves in our position? 

What if every time we went to our parents, medical professionals, teachers, bosses, and government entities to create a more fulfilled life, we were met with, “Okay. What do you want me to do about it?”  WOW! Talk about feeling frustrated and not seen.

So, how do we create and practice empathy?
Is it taught?
Is it fostered?
Is it too late for our teenage and adult children?
Is it too late for us?

Absolutely Not!

But, it is something to actively work on if you weren’t raised in an empathetic household, which applies to most people (count yourself extremely lucky if you were).

How can we expect others to empathize with our social, cultural, and economic situations if we neglect to empower those same sentiments in our future leaders and neighbors; the very ones we’ll need more and more as time goes on.

It can be a cold, hard world. Wouldn’t empathy and support from all make parenthood and life feel more worthwhile?

Now look y’all, I’m no parenting expert. I’m just a humble mom raised in the gracious south to an empathetic family and support system, who have always loved children. But, as a K-12 educator in all facets, former cheer coach, and communications and client service professional dealing with the public at-large for the last 17 years; I CAN tell you trends I’ve seen which give me a glimmer of hope that if every person committed to teaching and embracing empathy for all- this would be a pretty cool world.

Here’s What I Know For Sure- 

  1. Empathy has no gender; anyone and everyone can be empathetic.
  2. Selfishness is taught and learned through observation.  Empathy comes naturally to every human; nurture it and make it a normal part of everyday life.

I love people, peace, and bringing the two together.  Since childhood I’ve had this internal pull to ensure people feel seen, heard, and safe.  My personal love language is, “Acts of Service” a.k.a. HELP!!  So, becoming a Communications professional was a natural fit as it’s the study of psychology, sociology, and social and cultural contexts, which are the 4 pillars of our personal communication style.

To learn and practice empathy, we’ll need to begin within.  Yes y’all!  I’m talking about that ‘heart work’. These things may feel uncomfortable, but are necessary to be the best parents we can be to our babies!

So.. without further adieu, let’s get to it!


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