It sticks, it stays and even when you manage to peel off it off, a sticker can leave behind unwanted textures. While we can’t prevent our little ninjas from sticking stickers on walls, windows, glass or tables, we can help you erase any trace so that your surfaces look brand new. Read on for tips on removing sticker residue.

stickers - cc romana klee via flickr

photo: romana klee via flickr

Getting stickers off metal. Peeling off the sticker should be no problem, but the residue is often a surprising task. Use oil to rub away the sticky parts and then wipe away the oil with vinegar.

Getting stickers off glass. Try heating the sticker with a hair dryer (or soaking it in hot water) to get the glue to melt. If it doesn’t come right off, then believe it or not, peanut butter is a tried and true method with saying goodbye to the leftover sticky bits.

Getting stickers off wood. Tackle the sticker with the hairdryer to get as much of the sticker off as possible. Depending on the type of wood you have, use rubbing alcohol (hand sanitizer works too) or eucalyptus/vegetable oil.

Getting stickers off painted walls or wallpaper. Since heat or water might ruin the wall, use a knife or credit card to remove the sticker carefully. Then dab at the remaining residue with masking tape until it’s no longer sticky. Use a little hot water if you need to get the whole process going.

Getting stickers off your kids. A simple bath should work!

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