Very soon a new member is going to be an integral part of your life. Though you are blissfully waiting for the moment to become a happy parent, this moment itself is no less than worth celebrating, too. Being an excited mom-to-be, you surely want to celebrate the new life that is just about to knock on your door.

In these moments of exhilaration, you would love to be surrounded by your friends and family so that you would feel pampered and looked after. This is the time when your mind is engrossed in several thoughts regarding the well-being of your soon to be born baby. You love it when your closed pals excitedly chat about your imminent motherhood. To sum it up, your sweet nervousness, your cravings for particular foods and your impatient expectation are keeping you pre-occupied all the time.

Therefore, this is the perfect time to celebrate your elated feelings and to let your emotional rollercoaster out in the open. Welcome your child to your nearest and dearest ones and shower him or her with tons of blessings.

Here are some tips for you to throw a magical baby shower celebration party:

Choose A Convenient Date

A baby shower is all about sharing happiness, celebrating a new life and getting valuable advice on parenting. The date of the celebration party should be chosen in such a way that your closed family and friends would be present and enjoy. Although, as per the tradition, baby showers are not hosted by parents-to-be or close family members because it gives an impression that party is being organized to collect gifts. However, on a deeper level, it just entails the sharing of genuine exuberance.

Use An Attractive Theme

In general, the parties with particular themes always have an element of surprise as well as excitement with them. An attractive theme will make your guests enjoy the party even more. Do not restrict your imagination to include bright colors, shiny props, or exotic costumes. For example, a rainbow theme is a colorful invitation for your guests to enjoy a delightful shower.

You can start by creating the foundation of your décor with a bright color spectrum of the rainbow. The way a rainbow stretches across the sky, you can use garlands of similar colors hanging from above. Also, let your guests help with the party theme using their own creative ideas and experiences.

Choose a Perfect Menu

Don’t let your party ruined by tasteless food and mediocre drinks. Food and drinks are always at the heart of a party, be it a wedding party or a baby shower party. It will only make your party a memorable one when your guests satiate themselves fully and enjoy other proceedings. When you are welcoming and celebrating a rich life, your menu must also contain similar options for food and drinks.

When it comes to cocktails and mocktails, a signature specialty drink will be enough to entertain your guests. Also, it will be a nice idea to put water bottles at various places with personalized baby shower water bottle labels glued to them.

Organize Amusing Games

Everybody is present in your party is there to enjoy and celebrate. Your guests will feel even more enticing if you invite them to play games. There are so many baby shower fun games ideas that will keep your guests entertained and amused. For example, you can ask them to draw baby’s first sketch. Give your guests a drawing notebook and a marker and ask them to put the notebook on their forehead. Now, allow them to draw the sketch of the baby what they think it would look like. The mom-to-be can select the best one.

Invite Guests to Write Messages to Baby

A baby shower is a special occasion when you welcome your child. This is the moment when you need well wishes and heartening messages for you and your baby. You deserve all the happiness and congratulations from all of your guests. So, after having all the fun, the party is not completely over unless your guests write special messages for your life ahead. It is a fair opportunity for you to ask your guests shower their blessings and write heart-warming messages for your baby.

The very feeling of soon to become a mom is a wonderful feeling altogether. No one can take this moment away from you to show and share your happiness with your near and dear ones. Your baby also deserves to be welcomed and blessed well in advance. So, make this event a memorable one and just follow the above-mentioned tips to celebrate these moments.

Featured Photo Courtesy: TerriC via Pixabay