Parents, admit the truth: sometimes you scratch your head and wonder who is this creature in your midst, running around in circles chanting undecipherable words? Today you have permission to just go with it. Follow these tips to transform your tiny earthlings into something out-of-this world.


1. Dress to impress. Since technically no one knows what extraterrestrials look like, they could wear anything but we think a nice green onesie would do the trick. Something shiny or silvery works well too. You’ll want a nice pair of shiny sunglasses (get the kind on a band for your on-the-go infants). Tutus and rainbow socks (or suspenders) fit the bill too, and sequins are encouraged.

2. Greetings, Earthlings. Practice your Vulcan salute or other unique hand gestures. The Vulcan salute is done by creating a V shape with your fingers. Press your index and middle finger together and keep them separate from your fourth and pinky fingers, which you also press together. You can also try the “nanoo nanoo” salute of Mork & Mindy fame. Basically, just do a Vulcan salute sideways.

3. Act the part. Everything is new to an alien: this strange new world they are exploring requires only imagination. Take them to the playground and have them explore the foreign landscape. Ask them what their world is like? What color is it, is it dry or hot or icy? Let them draw a picture of it. Then teach your kiddo how to blend in, what proper Earth behavior is, as you go about your day to day tasks like grocery shopping. (Really, it’s a great way to get them to behave!)

4. Eat anything and everything. This is the perfect excuse to rebrand the veggies they keep refusing. Introduce your cuisine with a flourish: broccoli or cauliflower florets from the Black Forest in Germany, harvested by garden gnomes on a Saturday. Would they like arctic ice melt (water) or moon juice (milk) with their sandwich? Your kids will be impressed and you’ll be able to dust it off again for weeks: tendrils of a giant beanstalk grown under watch of a witch (green beans) anyone? This is how Earth grows its food.

What strange, alien-y things has your kiddo done? Share them in the comments below!

feature photo: leafhopper77 via flickr