Get ready for what’s about to become your new favorite Facebook feature: Facebook Stories for Groups is here and finally ready for your online community to use. Here’s the skinny on how to use this cool new feature.

Just like Facebook Stories that you can post to your timeline, Facebook Stories for Groups is a way for you to temporarily post visual content without clogging your friends’ News Feeds. Stories last for 24 hours and then—poof, they disappear like magic.

Photo: Rawpixel via Unsplash

If you already use Facebook Stories, then you know exactly how the new group feature works. It’s the same, but obviously, for Groups. Now you can share photos and other images with your Group without filling up your Group’s feed with random comments that make the administrator irate (not that you’d ever, ever do that). Group Admins can still of course approve or reject Stories from members—but the cool bit is that Group members can also add to existing Stories or respond to them with emojis.

So why would you want to start using Facebook Stories for Groups? According to Christine Rushing, admin of Facebook Group Milky Mommas, “We’ve found quite a few uses for Stories. Our group has a narrow scope of focus and many general parenting topics, though popular, are off-topic in our community. Typically, off-topics posts are deleted or comments are turned off.” Raise your hand if you’ve been in one of those FB mom groups!

Photo: Courtesy of Facebook

Rushing adds, “Since Group Stories don’t appear in the Group feed and push down posts that may need attention, we have been able to encourage members to post more freely there. Expanding the scope of meaningful things our members can share with each other through this new tool means increasing engagement and ownership without causing any administrative burden for our team or taking away the support our community has come to expect.”

So basically, Facebook Stories for Groups is about to make your entire FB mom group experience so much better and more manageable. It’s a win for everyone.

—Erica Loop



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