Tablets are great for independent learning and play, but they can also be a great tool for family bonding time. From reading and playing games, to cooking and cuddling up for a movie, my family uses an Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet in a variety of different ways when we want to spend quality time together. Here’s how this tablet has made us rethink family time:

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photo: Shahrzad Warkentin  

We Use the Tablet to Read Together

As an avid bookworm I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many books and my kids, thankfully have adopted the same philosophy. We found that books on tablets are great way to expand our home library without spending a lot of money. With the vast selection of books available on Amazon FreeTime Unlimited we can always find a title that both my three-year-old and nine-year-old are excited to read out loud together.

We Use the Tablet to Take Selfies Together

An Amazon Kids Edition tablet comes equipped with front and rear facing cameras that can capture photos and videos. If your kids are anything like mine, they will love using the device to make mini home movies and snap family pics together. There is also a photo editing tool that we use to jazz up pictures before watching them in a slideshow.

We Use the Tablet to Dance Together

The iHeartRadio Family app included in FreeTime Unlimited provides a steady stream of my kids’ favorite songs and I never have to worry about any inappropriate lyrics. We just hit play on one of the dozens of stations and it’s time for a family dance party.

photo: Shahrzad Warkentin

We Use the Tablet to Cook Together

My kids love to roll up their sleeves and help out in the kitchen. When we’re looking for some inspiration for a new recipe to try, a quick scroll through the featured Web Videos on FreeTime Unlimited offers some fun cooking tutorials, like Frozen S’mores Pops. There are also cookbooks, like Cooking By the Numbers, available in the books section for mini master chefs to check out.

We Use the Tablet to Play Together

There are plenty of games available in FreeTime Unlimited that can easily be played with multiple players, but there are also some fun ways to get creative with the apps for family time. For a last-minute family game night, we used the drawing app to make up our own version of Pictionary, taking turns drawing on the Drawing Pad app instead of scrambling to find paper and pencils.

We Use the Tablet to Watch Together

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to watching a movie or TV show on a screen. Sometimes it’s fun to build a pillow fort on a rainy day and cuddle up inside with a bowl of popcorn and a movie, like My Little Pony, available through FreeTime Unlimited on the Amazon Kids Edition tablet.

photo: Shahrzad Warkentin  

We Use the Tablet to Listen Together

A selection of kid-friendly Audible books, included in Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, is a great way for the kids to pass the time in the back seat on a long car ride. The kids can download their favorite books, apps and videos, to play on the go, even when there’s no wi-fi access. They can listen to a book together and we can make it to our destination without a single “are we there yet?”

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—Shahrzad Warkentin