You want to help those affected by Hurricane Irma. But you don’t know how. You can’t travel down to Florida right now to help them rebuild and you aren’t sure that you have enough extra cash to donate. Don’t stress. You don’t have to have a seven-figure income just to be charitable. Check out how the Miami Diaper Bank can help you to help those who are in need right now.

When a hurricane hits the last thing that’s on most people’s minds are diapers. That is, unless you’re a parent of a baby. You rush to get out of the house, grab as many diapers as you can and head to the evacuation shelter. When the storm’s over you head back home. The aftermath includes flooding, damage to your home and much more. And to top it all off, you don’t have diapers for your baby. Now what?

The Miami Diaper Bank was founded long before Irma hit. Through the Diaper Banks’ membership with the JetCares program, they are able to buy diapers at a discounted wholesale rate. This allows them to provide diapers to families in financial need  — including those who are now affected by Hurricane Irma.

Even though the Diaper Bank is in Miami, they distribute diapers across South Florida. And the Miami Diaper Bank is now accepting monetary donations to buy and give out diapers to shelters and nonprofits serving hurricane victims in need.

Keep in mind, the Miami Diaper Bank is able to buy diapers at a discounted rate. That means your money goes farther for them than it would for you (if you tried to buy diapers at a retail store). The Diaper Bank is asking only for monetary donations, and not for actual diapers.

Visit the Miami Diaper Bank’s website or Facebook page to get more information.

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