Family game night is always a fun time, but why settle for the basics when you can go big? Literally. A giant inflatable Twister exists and it looks like tons of fun.

Just imagine playing a game of Twister on top of a bouncy house without walls and you’ll get a pretty good idea of how awesome this inflatable Twister looks. Instead of trying to keep your self steady on the traditional plastic mat, you have to contend with the wobbly movement of a giant inflatable board.

photo: Hammacher Schlemmer & Company

Of course all of this massive fun comes at a pretty massive price tag. The Hammacher Schlemmer & Company Inflatable Outdoor Color Dot game is priced at a whopping $2,000. However, that price includes an AC-powered, 1-hp air blower that keeps the playing surface inflated for play. The inflatable also supports up to 1,500 pounds so the entire family can join in the fun.

The game is available to order online here and usually ships in three to four weeks.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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