It just got cheaper to watch your fave shows. On the heels of Netflix’s price increaseHulu announced it’s dropping its prices—and streaming TV customers are psyched.

Hulu’s newest price plan goes into effect Feb. 26 and reduces the cost of its basic package by $2. And yes, that’s about the same amount your Netflix plan just went up by. In case you missed it, Netflix also recently announced a price change—with a $1 to $2 increase for all plans. So Hulu’s price change is pretty much an all-out equalizer.

In a perfect world you could purchase a plan for one streaming service and get everything from Ozark to The Handmaid’s Tale. But sadly, this can never happen (thank you studio contracts). And that means you need at least two streaming services (and that’s not counting Amazon Prime). With Hulu’s $2 reduction, you might feel more comfortable with the $1 to $2 extra Netflix will charge streaming customers.

Keep in mind, the price drop isn’t for every type of Hulu service. The basic plan, which comes with commercials, will go from $8 a month to $6. On-demand plan customers who currently pay $12 a month won’t see any change at all. But if you’re signed up for Hulu’s Live TV plan, you’re looking at a $5 increase—to $45 per month.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Courtesy of Hulu



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