It’s been almost 10 years since we’ve been back to the arena but it’s time to head back to the Hunger Games. Suzanne Collins and Scholastic have just released the title and cover art for the fourth book of the series and it’s a prequel!

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is set to take place 64 years before we ever meet Katniss Everdeen and surrounds the 10th Hunger Games matchup. The announcement took place on Friday, Oct. 4 at New York Comic Con.

Not much is known about the plot, but Collins did say in a statement that the novel will “explore the state of nature, who we are, and what we perceive is required for our survival.” The novel will cover a period known as the Dark Days, a reconstruction period after the war.

The novel will be released May, 19, 2020 so there’s plenty of time to re-read the OG trilogy and catch up on your Panem knowledge. It’s also been reported that Lionsgate already has plans to direct a film based on the novel.

––Karly Wood

Feature photo: YEGBookLovers via Instagram



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