If you’re still getting over the lack of Hunter boot options when it came to Target’s exclusive Hunter collection this past spring, you’re not alone. The retailer ran into quite the issue when production of the iconic tall boot wasn’t up to par, so the big red bullseye passed on the product completely in April. But never fear: Hunter boots at Costco are here!

On the sly, Costco is currently selling the weather-resistant and rain-friendly boots that trendy moms love. On a recent trip to the warehouse retailer, we noticed the tall, original glossy style being sold right at the door for a mere $89.99––a steal when you consider the original sells for $150 a pair!

The women’s tall gloss boot comes in black and navy for in-warehouse sales, in sizes ranging from 6 to 10. A Costco spokesperson confirmed to Red Tricycle that sales of the women’s gloss boot are dependent on your regional location.

Via live chat, a representative stated that visiting your local warehouse or giving them a call before heading over is the best way to find out if it will carry the boot this season. You also have the option to use Costco’s live chat option to inquire about local inventory.

The customer service representative was also able to confirm that the Hunter rain boots are a seasonal item with limited quantities. All orders have been placed for warehouses and they don’t anticipate getting additional shipments beyond what is currently being sold––although they did state the orders were large!

That being said, it’s safe to say that if you see these lovelies at your local warehouse––buy them and buy them now!

Currently, the representative was able to confirm that Los Angeles-area Costco warehouses (that includes Orange County) are selling the rain boots in-store and select Bay Area locations, as well. Because of the large number of regions, they were unable to provide a more robust list of the remainder of the United States, so a quick call to check in with the company is your best option for checking inventory.

Hunter rain boots are also on sale at the Costco website in both Hunter Green (of course) and Gray for the same price of $89.99. The options online only include women’s sizes in a matte finish.

––Karly Wood


All photos: Karly Wood for Red Tricycle



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