If you love spending hours browsing at Target, then you’ll totally relate to this man’s hilarious spoof video on his wife’s Target habits, among her other interesting qualities.

Dad of two Taylor Camus has been studying his wife’s daily behaviors, from her Target shopping habit to her love of coffee creamer, and decided to document them in a video. “Here’s my impersonation of every wife ever. As a husband, I’ve been observing my wife for eight years now, and these are pretty much all very, very true. Anyone else?” he wrote in the video caption on YouTube.

The laughs don’t stop there, however. Not to be outdone, Caymus’ wife Heidi decided to make a little video of her own and two words “man cold.” Check out her hilarious response below and see if you can relate.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Dude Dad via YouTube



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