Photo: pixabay

Almost every week, a mom at karate tells me I look tired. “Oh wow, you look tired. Rough week?” Ugh! But don’t judge her; she’s actually a very nice person except for this one harsh, but an incredibly accurate comment she keeps throwing at me.

I am tired. It’s Friday evening. I drove a ½ hour to get here and have been sitting on this hard bench for 2 hours waiting for my kids to be done with their classes. This is how I end every week. After cleaning, making lunches, working, volunteering, loads and loads of laundry, more cleaning, cooking dinner, refereeing sibling squabbles, helping with homework, taking kids to and from activities, it all ends here. It’s the last thing I have to get through before the weekend – sitting here on this bench, trying to solve this damn sudoku puzzle, waiting for karate to be over so we can finally go home and enjoy Friday evening when the tornado of busy finally dissipates.

This is a busy season of life and I am tired. I’m tired because I’m doing these things but I’m not tired of doing them. I’m tired of driving to gymnastics, and dance, and karate, but I love watching my kiddos master a new skill. I’m tired of doing laundry, but I love their cute little clothes. I’m tired of rescheduling work, but I love that I get to be the one person they want more than anyone in the world when they are sick.

Normally when I hear, “You look tired,” I feel like that’s code for someone telling me “You look old,” or “Yoga pants again, Anne?” This Friday I hope to take it as a compliment. This time I want to hear it as, “That was some expert level parenting this week Anne!”

I am tired and apparently, it shows. But I hope that people can see I’m the kind of tired you feel after you are given a nearly impossible task with no instructions, you worked really hard and are proud of a job well done.