Family vacations can be a balancing act—you’re desperate for some poolside relaxation while your kids want to go, go, go. Iberostar Hotels & Resorts gets it. Read on to discover how Iberostar’s Star Camp is a win-win for the whole family. Have fun exploring!

What is Star Camp?
As a recreation camp, the only thing that’s impossible at Star Camp is boredom! With activities that are chosen to be both entertaining and full of meaning, stars look forward to leaving their parents behind to make new friends from all over the world, connect with nature and head out on their own daily adventures. Your kids will be bursting with stories of adventure and exploration at the end of the day.

Activities with Values
Star Camp activities are tailored to three different age groups (4-7, 8-12 and 13-17). The activities are all based on sustainable values such as cooperation, empathy, healthy habits, developing an awareness of technology, responsibility, the value of diversity and respect for the environment.

With over 140 activities available at Star Camp, kids can brush up on their culinary skills, become directors of their own video or use clay to channel their inner sculptor. They can explore STEM through science experiments like creating snow (yes, even when the temps are high!) and figuring out how to get a hard-boiled egg into a bottle.

Think about all the stories they will bring home when your kids spend the day conquering an obstacle course while blindfolded, with only the help of their teammates to guide their way!

Who would want to stay in a hotel room when there are worlds near and far to explore? Who would want to read an oceanography textbook when you can actually touch the ocean and learn from your experience? The activities are endless and are catered to every type of interest. Whether they’re into technology, nature or are just here to make a new friend, Star Camp will make their vacation great.

Ocean Day
With all-inclusive resorts located on the ocean, it’s no surprise that Iberostar’s Star Camp has its own weekly Ocean Day to teach the environmental stewards of tomorrow how to protect our ocean resources. Even the youngest campers will learn about the delicate ocean ecosystem through crafting with recycled materials and hunting for microplastics along the shore.

What You Can Expect on Your Iberostar Family Holiday
It’s a given that your Iberostar vacation will include the impeccable service, gorgeous scenery and gastronomy that the Iberostar properties are known for. With Iberostar’s Star Camp, you will also have the peace of mind knowing that your kids will have an epic vacation that they won’t soon forget!

—Kate Loweth