Movie over refrigerated cookie dough: Nestle’s new Ice Cream Sundae Cookies is in the house (Toll House, that is). When no one was looking, the cookie maker snuck the 2018 Cookie of the Year on supermarket shelves without telling anyone.

We took note when Instagrammer Three Snackateers stumbled across the sweet treat in a Meijer supermarket, which is lucky for us since the company hasn’t even added it to its own website yet. This year’s flavor is the perfect mix between cookie and everything we love about ice cream sundaes.

The Cookie of the Year comes in brick form that’s broken apart and then baked. The toppings include sprinkles and chunks of waffle cone all smashed down into basic chocolate cookie dough.

While we’ve yet to sample these delicacies, we can’t stop thinking how delicious they would be dipped in coffee, over a bowl of vanilla ice cream or enjoyed with a tall glass of milk. Excuse us while we run out to grab some of our own.

––Karly Wood

Featured Photo: rawpixels via Pexels


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