Why make something 10x better when you can go for 100? With these cool ideas and projects that will have you thinking in 100s in no time. From jumping jacks to jelly beans, this is the list to make sure today and everyday is one in a century. Scroll down to get started.

100 birthday candles

1. Come up with 100 words that rhyme with the word “go.”

2. Find 100 pebbles and make a design with them on the sidewalk.

3. Count out 100 jelly beans and put them in a jar. (Eat them one by one, of course).

4. Put 100 toothpicks end-to-end and then have the kids measure the distance.

5. See who can hide the most stuffed animals in 100 seconds. Now, see who can find the most in the same amount of time.

6. Stack up 100 pennies and put them next to a $1. Ask your crew which they think is more (or which pile they’d rather have).

7. Walk around the block looking for 100 cracks in the sidewalk.

8. Count to 100, then try counting backward from 100.

9. Build up 100 LEGO bricks. How high do they come up? Measure them.

10. Break a sweat by doing 100 jumping jacks.

11. Glue 100 googly eyes onto a t-shirt, sweatshirt or skirt.

12. Write a list of 100 things you love about your home town.

13. Learn to say “hello” in 100 languages. Click here for a list. 

14. Put exactly 100 sprinkles on your cupcake. (Then eat it!)

15. See if you can count 100 cars in a day (or less if you’re a city-dweller).

16. Lace up your sneakers and run a 100-yard dash.

17. If you have a microscope, show the kids what 100x looks like. If you don’t have one handy, click here for examples.

18. Get out a road map and mark a point 100 miles from where you live.

19. Roll the dice 100 times (and record how many times you got each number).

20. The word “cent” comes from the Latin centum which means 100. Name as many “100” cent words as you can (such as centimeter or centipede).

21. Read 100 pages in a book.

22. Let them draw a picture of themselves at the age of 100.

23. Using an eye dropper, fill a container with 100 drops of water. Let the kids guess if it will fill it or overflow.

24. Use 100 sequins to add some bling to your jacket.

25. Jump rope 100 times. Bonus if you can do it in a row (and if you know any good songs to go along).

Have any centennial ideas? Share them with us in the comments below! 

—Amber Guetebier

photo: Mun Seop Jeong via flickr 

feature photo: Alice via flickr