Art parties are joyously messy fun for both kids and parents, and the summer months are a fab chance to do a little en plein-air painting. Take your paintbrushes, sponges and mini Monet’s outside and watch the creativity craze begin. When your “starving artists” need snacks and treats—we’ve got those covered, too. Flip through for 11 ways to host an inspiring outdoor art party.

Painting with Nature

Mom blogger Allison McDonald from No Time for Flashcards set the kiddos loose in her yard looking for stones, leaves, flowers and other natural painting "tools." With a large piece of cardboard for a canvas, guests had a blast painting stones, making prints and creating swirly patterns with sticks. Get inspired over at No Time for Flashcards.

photo: Allison McDonald via No Time for Flashcards


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— Helen Walker Green